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There are several reasons that cause our skin degrades over time and is subject to the aging process, along with many changes in its external and internal structure. The older we are the more natural content of hyaluronic acid decreases, which causes wrinkles, skin thinning and loss of the oval.

Hyaluronic acid consists of a combination of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis and it retains the skin moisture by binding water molecules. Due to its features, it gets wrinkles out and minimizes skin inflammation.

Collagen and elastin are the basic proteins of the connective tissue of our skin. Collagen fiber as the main component of our skin is responsible for its elasticity, firmness and hydration. At a young age the collagen fibers are regularly rebuilt. When we get older the condition of our skin clearly weakens and it loses its ability to regenerate collagen fibers. Collagen keeps the humidity of the skin, elastin gives skin elasticity and flexibility.

Elastin is responsible for our skin's elasticity of collagen fibers. It gives the skin the necessary flexibility and tension. In addition to these features it is responsible for maintaining the right and adequate hydration level of the skin. Additionally, it perfectly nourishes and moisturizes, leaving a protective film on the skin.

During the aging process, the soluble collagen is gradually converted to insoluble cross-linked collagen which has lost the capacity of water absorption. The skin becomes dry and not very flexible. In this process, the skin stops producing elastin - therefore the skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry.

These factors have contributed to the development of a formula, which is an effective combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. It is called DermVita. This product is recommended for all skin types - damaged, mature, exposed to long-term impact of adverse external factors. The main goal of DermVita product is to provide a substantial and long-term growth of skin hydration, effective reduction and smoothing of wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and tension and the fight against visible signs of aging.

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